Empire Recycling of Kelford

945 NC 11N

Kelford, NC 27805

Phone: (252) 345-1888

Business Hours

Monday - Friday

8am to 4pm ET

Current Metal Prices


#1 Copper: $2.50/LB

#1 Insulated Copper (Romex 65%): $0.85/LB

#2 Copper: $2.45/LB

#2 Insulated Copper (Drop Cords): $0.45/LB

#3 Insulated Copper: $0.40/LB

AC Ends: $0.65/LB

Alternators: $0.20/LB
Ballasts: $0.05/LB

Brass/Copper Radiator (Dirty): $0.80/LB

Brass/Copper Radiator (Clean): $1.40/LB

Electric Motors Copper: $0.20/LB

Sealed Units (Compressors): $0.18/LB

Starter Motors: $0.20/LB

Wire Harness: $0.70/LB

XMAS Copper Wire: $0.30/LB


Lead: $0.20/LB

Lead Wheel Weights: $0.15/LB

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel (Clean): $0.25/LB

Stainless Steel (Dirty): $0.15/LB


Cars: $0.08/LB

Light Iron: $0.08/LB

HMS Prepared: $0.075/LB

HMS Unprepared: $0.0675/LB


AC Coils (Dirty): $1.00/LB

AC Coils (Clean): $1.15/LB

Aluminum Cans: $0.35/LB

Aluminum Clean: $0.40/LB

Aluminum Insulated Wire: $0.20/LB

Aluminum Radiator (Clean): $0.30/LB

Aluminum Radiator (Dirty): $0.20/LB

Aluminum Rims: $0.50/LB

Chrome/Aluminum Rim: $0.40/LB

Dirty Aluminum: $0.20/LB

EC Wire (Clean Aluminum Wire): $0.40/LB


Lead Batteries: $0.19/LB

Lead Batteries Steel Case (Fork Lift): $0.17/LB


Brass (Clean): $1.50/LB

Brass (Dirty): $0.90/LB
Brass Shell: $0.65/LB

Brass Turnings: See Representative

CN70/30: $1.70/LB

CN90/10: $1.50/LB

Monel: $1.50/LB

Cat Converters

Catalytic Converter: See Representative